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Our Story

Who Are We

The People Behind Nature’s Academy

Georgina and Caique met while teaching children’s swimming lessons 15 years ago. During this time Georgina studied Disability studies and Inclusive Education and went on to complete her Masters in Teaching at Macquarie University.

Whilst Georgina was teaching in various Early Childhood centres, she and Caique set up their own Health Food business, “Naked Foods”, which focused on selling organic and health foods in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The company grew to 21 stores when they sold in 2020. While building the company, Georgina continued to teach part-time and took some time off to have their three children and has been teaching since the sale of their company.

Georgina has had experience leading in each age group and enjoys the unique differences between each room. As Nature’s Academy, they are very passionate and excited to combine their experience and knowledge to deliver amazing Care and Education to your children and family.

Our Values


Valuing children’s voices, needs, and individuality always.


Setting the foundations for lifelong learning.


Fostering trust, understanding, and positive relationships.


A welcoming environment for all children and families.


Nurturing future generations to protect the environment.


Fostering social connections and support between children and families

What We’re All About

Nature’s Academy childcare centre is a unique and innovative learning environment that focuses on holistic education and learning from nature. The centres provide a warm, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere for children from infancy to preschool age, with a strong emphasis on developing the whole child – mind, body, and spirit.

At Nature’s Academy, children are encouraged to explore and learn from their natural surroundings, with a focus on promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. The centres utilise play-based learning and hands-on experiences to support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, with a strong focus on building strong connections to the natural world.

Our Difference