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Our Difference

Mission Statement

Our Why Is You

Welcome to Nature’s Academy.

Sustainability and respect for the Earth are the foundation of our interactions, where children have natural resources and play spaces to discover and learn.

Our purpose-built centres are designed with the utmost care and consideration into the developmental needs of children and our Earth.

We put children’s care, growth and education at the forefront of all our endeavours.

We Think Different

Learning From Nature

Nature’s Academy nurtures a way of learning that allows children to slow down and lean into their inquisitive selves. Learning through nature occurs when children are able to engage with mud, water, sand, plants, loose parts and natural resources to engage their imagination. Modern life has made life too fast-paced and city living means children are no longer exploring nature. Nature’s Academy is a return to.

Family & Community First

Families are believed to be children’s most infuential factor in their education. At Nature’s Academy we want to ensure strong connections with families and the wider community, so we prioritise this through take-home meals, family morning tea, grandparent days, Mother and Father’s Day events, and community engagement such as police, dental and firefighter visits.

Holistic Education Approach

We believe in holistic learning, where our educators promote learning and education based on children’s interests – and our classrooms are designed to invite children in to touch, explore and play

Healthy Meals Provided

Chef cooked meals with a primary focus on celebrating health and nutrition, designed to nourish children to be their best selves, while facilitating healthy eating behaviours to serve them for a lifetime.

Unique spaces

Our rooms are intentionally designed to allow the imagination of children to flourish, inviting them to touch, explore and play like they would at home – focused around natural finishes, soft colours, and features that remind us home to allow children to feel at ease.

Purpose Built Outdoor Areas

Purposely designed for each age group, our outdoor areas are every child’s dream. Areas for sensory play, sand pits, bike tracks and areas designed for adventurous play, our outdoor areas providing the perfect space for children to play and learn.

Our Community

Nature’s Academy Childcare Centres have a strong sense of community and prioritise creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all children and families.

At Nature’s Academy, the staff members value open communication and encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s learning and development.

In addition to supporting families, Nature’s Academy Childcare Centres also strive to build a strong sense of community among the children themselves. The centres offer opportunities for children to engage in group activities and play-based learning, which can help them develop important social and emotional skills.

By fostering a sense of community among the children, Nature’s Academy promotes a positive and supportive environment where children can learn and grow together.