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Childcare Calculator

Nature’s Academy Childcare Calculator is a tool that helps parents or caregivers estimate the cost of childcare services for their children. The calculator takes into account factors such as the child’s age, the number of hours per week they need care, and the type of care they require, such as full-time or part-time care, in-home care, or daycare center care.

The CCS will help:

  • support parents’ and carers’ choice to increase their workforce participation, particularly women
  • make early childhood education and care more affordable for more families
  • extend to more children the benefits early childhood education and care brings to children’s school-readiness and long-term outcomes.

The CCS percentage varies depending on your family’s income. The income limit to receive the maximum CCS has increased. Now, families earning up to $80,000 will receive 85% to 90% more CCS benefits. If you already receive CCS, no action is needed to get the increased amount from the July 2023 changes. We will apply the changes to your CCS automatically.

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